New Year Yoga Day - Reframe, Refocus

Sunday January 10 8.30 - 9.30 am Morning class - focusing on one principle - Sw Atmamuktananda 10.30 - 11.30am40 min Lecture: Unfolding potential by focusing on one principle - ancient tools for today's world - Sw Vimalratna 20 min Meditation: Antar mouna and focusing on one principle - Sw Vimalratna 12.00 -12.30pm Yoga nidra - Emphasis on Sankalpa - Sw Atmamuktananda 7.30 – 8pm Meditation - Antar mouna – focusin...
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Reframe, Refocus
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Recordings taken from the live classes
morning class Atmamuktananda audio.m4a
(1h 04m 48s)
audio_focus on one principle Vimalratna.mp3
(1h 03m 53s)
Talk and meditation - focus on one principle Vimalratna video edit.mp4
(1h 03m 04s)
audio_Yoga Nidra Atmachaitanya New Year Yoga Day.mp3
32 mins
audio_new year yoga day evening meditation Vimalratna.mp3
28 mins
Dimensions of Yoga additional information session
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